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Vinoble Day Spa - Is it Good or Bad for Massage?
Less than four weeks ago, I met the SpaCamp Luise, the founder of Vinoble Cosmetics. When she spoke to me after my session and asked if I would not want to look at the Vinoble Day Spa from close up, I did not have to think long.

At this time, I only realized that Vinoble Cosmetics is a spa brand that has its origin in vinotherapy. Will be called: Here everything revolves around the vine. However, I have not yet come into contact with Vinoble at any of my spa checks. A handy scandal. Determined to change this fact as quickly as possible, I made my way to Graz last week. Since Graz is lurked from Berlin only once a day with a rather compact propeller machine, my time window on the spot is rather clear this time.

I therefore enjoy Austria only 24 hours with my visit and during this time I expect not only a small treatment overload at the Vinoble Day Spa, but also a detailed look behind the scenes in the manufacturer. How exciting!

Since the said propeller engine in Tegel eternally for a long time fully sensitively on the roll field rumsteht, I reach Graz with a delay of 30 minutes. I will be picked up at the airport and the drive from the airport to the Vinoble Day Spa is about 20 minutes. Just in time for the minute I stumble across the threshold. Phew.

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Vinoble Day Spa Austria

The building looks from the outside like a dwelling house, in the entrance area and in the dressing room, where I wrap myself in high speed in a purple bathrobe, it feels a bit like that, but when I enter only a short time later this way and Right in the niche to the foot bath danieder sinke, is already a real spa feeling.

Vinoble Day Spa Styria

It starts with a grape seed peeling. I lean back and my pulse normalizes slowly. Children, that was frantic! I sip the alcoholic drink to my left (which pulls with the vinotherapy here) and wonder not badly whether the following wine foot bath in a sound bowl, because that sound bowl is also hit during the foot bath. Even now the hectic journey feels quite far away. Since when am I sitting in this niche? 5 minutes? Crazy.

Vinoble Day Spa Austria foot bath

After the foot bath we continue to the "WeinSuite Classic" and I think we agree that we are light years away from "Familienflair". The shape of the room is elliptical and in the middle is a soundmotion lounger. Peter, my handyman, leaves the room again, I peel myself out of the bathrobe, lie down on my stomach, cover me, Peter comes back and then it starts.

Vinoble Day Spa Suite

I must say that I have rarely been treated in such a perfect room. It is perfectly tempered, the music is pretty much the opposite of nervous wellness equipment and to all excess it is transferred over the couch also still in my body. It feels like the vibrations, as if someone would strike sound shells on my body. Totally crazy! Regarding the oil, I decided to use "herb / holzig", which means that Peter is working with the Vinoble cedar oil.

I can not tell you exactly how long the massage last took then. (So ​​about an hour maybe?) Instead, I have to get rid of this point that the print was really "on point". I have already explained several times that in Austria (as opposed to German spas) no practitioners with weekend courses on the guests are released and I notice very clearly that Peter knows exactly what he is doing and where he is. Absolutely great! In between, warm grape-seed pads are placed on my body in various places. Heaven!

After turning on the back, the topknot: As you see in the picture above, there is neither air conditioning, nor smoke detectors, let alone a sprinkler system over my head. Something happens very rarely. Everything just fits together. A very round and coherent thing. From the room and reclining temperature, through the massage technique, the vibrations of the couch and the music to the warm granular pillows. An absolutely round thing. The massage is followed by a full-body peeling. I am maximally sedated when I am asked to bust all the fun in the shower, but then I am suddenly full again, when I involuntarily the shower door ausheble. Hush! No one is harming, but I am discreetly embarrassed when my trainee Camilla (flying bills) enters the room and the door slantingly hangs in the hinges.

Camilla mastered the situation however more than sovereign and imagines me first. Next I get a facial. Vinoble is a vegan and natural active ingredient. So here something happens. I'm curious. Officially, this treatment is under "anti-aging", but you know that I never go into "younger / thinner / more beautiful / tighter" separately. My skin is currently maximum confused due to a product test, which she did not find so cool. It is currently dry and rather bitchy. But now comes the wine! Grape stem cells, red wine extracts - the full program. Although the peeling a little tingling, it does not feel a bit uncomfortable. Best massage while the mask acts. Oh, Austria.

After the facial my skin makes a rosy impression and feels well nourished. It spares nothing. My first Vinoble Experience was, therefore, both in body-creature and in relation to the Facial, quite a hit. Absolutely deeply relaxed I hover past the suspended door to the outside and is already expected. All good things are known as three and therefore, last but not least a makeup is on the program and Antonia is responsible here and now. I emphasize right from the beginning that I am now not necessarily the makeup-affinste man, so then comes only a bit Foundation, Mascara, Blush and Lipgloss to the employment. Only a short time later the program is finished and I am not only deeply relaxed, but also still looking pretty. Runs.

Since the Vinoble Day Spa is a day spa and not a hotel spa, you can logically not stay there. For this reason, Luise takes me off to the spa and takes me to a nearby hotel, where we then also have nice dinner.

The next day the visit of the manufactory is on the program! The distances here in Styria make a rather clear impression on me. So I will be picked up and we will go to Fresing. I am in Styria for the first time and she dressed her most colorful dress for me. What impressed me a bit. Note to self: Absolutely to come back and bring a bit more time. But then we are already there.

Vinoble Manufactory

In my mind, it was much bigger, but since I have never visited a factory, I probably had all the time completely wrong in the head. But once again to the products themselves: All Vinoble products are free of parabenes, paraffins, silicones, dyes, mineral oils, hormone-active substances, aluminum and nanoparticles. That they are vegan, I already mentioned above. I then get a private tour and I have to realize that I am a rivet at the fragrance, where you can test its smell. 0 results found. Search

Vinoble Cosmetics Manufaktur

The 5 most important active ingredients, which are used in Vinoble products, you see in this overview here again nice listed. But then it becomes exciting and I have to slip into a smock and put on a hairnet, because I can look at the production today. Who follows me on Snapchat, was live with it. Before, however, should be noted that on the Vinoble map behind me, on which all Vinoble Spas are listed, the region around Berlin is a fairly large, gray zone. I denounce this.

Vinoble manufactory sightseeing

I've never seen larger amounts of face cream. And yet I am still amazed that the manufactory is so compact. (In my mind, it was whole factory halls.)

Vinoble Manufaktur Styria

Considering how many spas Vinoble is now represented (in more than 150), I am impressed by the fact that the cremedoses are screwed in here by hand and carton packs of real people are folded together. Under the line superspannend and if you are in the vicinity, quietly make a detour here! (And then let me know if you have sniffed the right fragrances at the fragrance!)

Vinoble Cosmetics Austria

Just before I need to return to the airport, Luise cruised again with me through the vineyards. The thermometer displays 20 ° C. Mediterranean climate. And then these colors! I have to come back.

Day Spa Styria

In a final meal in the open air (at the end of October, completely misleading), Luise and I continue to talk about my hyperpigmentation and she is quite convinced that Vinoble is able to significantly improve my skin image. Despite Thailand and India in the coming months. Challenge accepted! Yesterday, I received a package with a product mix customized to pigmentation and you can rely on the fact that I will document the development meticulously. But of course this takes a bit of time.

Wellnesshotel Steiermark

So what remains to be summarized? My face liked the products very much, the spa suite was the topknocker and the beauty of Styria made me quite well. You should get more often into this propeller machine. It is also rumored that Graz is worth a visit.

If you are staying in or around Graz, I would like to warmly recommend you to visit Vinoble Day Spa. But also if you are visiting Graz, the 20-minute detour to Leibniz is worthwhile. You will find the treatment prices here. (You have to run quite wide.) And if you check in to a hotel whose spa works with Vinoble, try the Traubenkernetchen massage! And quite detached, I plead for a dépendance in Berlin.

Happy Relaxation!


I was invited by Vinoble Cosmetics. To be able to play the blog as a full-time job, I work with a tagessatz. However, this fact has no influence on my recommendation. I only write about spas that have convinced me - quite independently of my tagessatz. What does not convince me is nowhere to be found.
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